What, So What, Now What?

While attending the Customer Experience Management conference in Australia last year, I was lucky enough to hear from leaders in a wide range of inspirational companies, including Lush, New South Wales Transport, Weight Watchers and IAG all of whom are at different stages in their transformation away from company-centric marketing, service and sales to customer-centric marketing, service and sales.

I took away many insights from the event, and one very simple idea which has stuck with me is the way in which Telstra’s leadership drove the ability to empower all its employees with ability to solve customer challenges as they arise in every day dealings with customers.

Not only did they provide them with the tools to report and record customer issues, but they established a framework for them to communicate with their management when they noticed a regularly occurring problem, through the what (facts), so what (insights) and now what (action plan) framework.

Too often employees on the front line don’t have the language they need to translate customer problems into meaningful propositions for change. This one simple technique can help bridge this divide and empower anyone in the company to improve the customer experience.