One thing every business owner can do right now to increase sales (and it costs nothing)

While I was catching up with one of my clients this morning, he mentioned that earlier in the week he had had an epiphany:

That people expect to be pursued.

One of the things he had been struggling with when wanting to build his business and sales pipeline, was having the confidence to call an existing customer and ask for a meeting, as he expected that they would have better things to do with their time.

However, since I’ve spent five months drumming into him the importance of relationships in his sales cycle, he has been reconnecting with clients, learning more about their businesses (and his through their eyes) and uncovering opportunities that wouldn’t have been identified, had he not been proactively contacting them.

So the One Thing Every Business Owner Can Do Right Now to Increase Sales (and it Costs Nothing) is to call your existing customers and ask them to lunch. Sure the lunch will cost something, but the simple act of calling and pursuing won’t.

Reach out and reconnect. No matter how much money you have in your bank account, you can always pursue someone.

Tips for those on really tight budgets:

  • The smaller your budget to find new sales, the more deliberate your choices need to be – so don’t waste your money finding on a needle in a haystack – focus on your existing customers and connections.
  • Take an existing customer out for coffee or lunch – have an interesting conversation and follow it up with an email that links to the interesting book, blog, movie or article you mentioned at lunch.
  • Share these interesting books, blogs, movies or articles on LinkedIn by linking to the web page where your connections can buy, read or watch it.
  • Set up a routine which sees you repeating the above tips weekly. After a month of doing this, you can then spin this collection off into an email newsletter to go out to your contacts.

This way you are proactively contacting those who know you, while demonstrating to your network who might not know you, that you have your finger on the pulse. Your newsletter will help attract new contacts and keep you front of mind with your existing contacts, so that when they realise that they need your products or services, you are the person they think of.

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