#1 Mistake Small Business Make When Looking to Acquire New Customers (and how to avoid it)

You’ve got a product or service people are willing to pay money for, now you need to start finding buyers outside of your direct circles of influence. You know this means you need to start marketing, but may not be sure where to start.

The #1 mistake small businesses make when looking to start acquiring new customers through marketing is not a symptom of small budgets, and it’s not caused by limited resources or insufficient knowledge. 

The #1 mistake is a failure to do anything meaningful at all, and there are generally two key reasons why small businesses fail to do any meaningful marketing.

The first reason is that there are too many people allowed a voice in marketing decision making, and the second is that there are too few.

Both reasons share a fear of losing control of the company narrative by those in power, and it manifests itself as a culture of perfectionism over progress.

When there are too many people involved in marketing decision making, marketers find themselves having to appease everyone from the CTO to the Operations Manager for everything from website copy to brochure design.

Marketers find this frustrating because they are hamstrung through internal politics and find themselves diluting messages to satisfy irrelevant audiences, chewing up time and losing momentum.

Then, once everyone has had their say, the time has passed, the message has moved on or it is so diluted from it’s intended meaning and use that you may as well not have done anything in the first place. 

The second scenario, when there are too few people involved in marketing decision making, will see one key roadblock – typically a CEO or GM, through which everything has to go.

This, combined with the fact that this person is usually very busy on other things and marketing communications may not be the top of their list, means that nothing also moves further than their desk (or inbox). 

You may be this person at your company, and you may know the brand really well and aspire to achieve marketing in the league of Apple.

But what your future customers really need is to be able to simply and quickly understand what it is you do and what your company stands for. They need well thought out and presented reasons why you should be a recipient of their hard earned money. 

Don’t be one of these two types of companies.

Don’t let fear of failure or an unobtainable level of perfectionism let you fail to do anything at all. Trust in your customers and marketers, take a chance, test an angle, listen, learn, do, and be surprised.

A marketer’s job is to put themselves in the shoes of the customer. Trust that they know how to attract and engage your audience – it should be why you hired them in the first place.

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