Five Tips to help Small Businesses Start to Acquire Customers Through Marketing

You’ve got a product or service people are willing to pay money for and now you need to start finding buyers outside of your direct circles of influence.

You’re keen to start marketing, and are aware of the #1 mistake small businesses make when looking to acquire customers through marketing. You’re across the three key things you must avoid when starting to market.

It’s time to get focused, the below is a list of thoughts to help you get inspired.

  1. Purpose
    When creating marketing assets you need to be thinking about what action you are wanting them to ignite in your intended audience.

    Be realistic that everything you produce isn’t (and shouldn’t be!) for the pure purpose of converting non-customers into a sale.

    Think of your marketing like dating – people need to get to know a little bit about you at each stage of your relationship before getting married.

  2. Placement
    Think about where you will put your assets, as this will help you shape your messages. Are you writing a social media post or creating a printed sales brochure? The audience and the amount they know about you is different for each of these mediums, so your messaging needs to reflect this.

  3. Perception
    What do you want to be known for? People’s attention spans are short, so consider what is most important for the audience to know about you depending on the stage in your relationship.

  4. Action
    Remember to always be thinking about what you want your audience to do with the messages you provide. Include a call to action on all comms, which is relevant to the stage in your relationship – Follow us, Like us, Learn more, Sign up, Download. Enquire, Phone… 

  5. Timeliness
    Think about the lifecycle of your content – is it relevant to right now – an event or time of the year, or is it durable and long lasting?

    You need to find a balance between these two things to ensure one doesn’t suck up all your time and resource, as they both have their roles in helping you build relationships.

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