Three Key Things Small Businesses Must Avoid at All Costs When Looking to Start Acquiring New Customers Through Marketing

You’ve got a product or service people are willing to pay money for and now you need to start finding buyers outside of your direct circles of influence. You’re keen to start marketing, have plenty of ideas and capable hands to help you execute.

You’ve read this article and are aware of the #1 mistake small businesses make when looking to acquire customers through marketing, and how to avoid falling into its traps.

It’s time to get going, but make sure you avoid these three faux pas:

  1. Spelling and grammatical errors

    Your customers and potential customers are far more forgiving than you think when it comes to the level of sophistication you need to show off through your marketing, but there is one thing that they will not forgive, and that’s poor spelling and grammar.

    In the days of spell check, there is no excuse for poor grammar and spelling, and if you have an expert on your team, make sure they are included in the final drafts of any material.

    If you don’t have an expert to help, make sure you read anything out loud to yourself before publishing. You’d be surprised how this helps identify superfluous words, sentences and paragraphs.

  2. Don’t invest in alienating people

    On LinkedIn there’s a website building company who are currently heavily promoting a series of videos that they have obviously invested a lot of time and money in creating and promoting.

    However, the videos are bound to be turning a lot of people off engaging with the company. From an overuse of lime green walls which makes everything look like a special effects set, to a key figure who looks distractedly like a character from Little Britain, to content such as three guys sitting around a table talking about why your website should be treated like a member of the staff. Little Britain guys says “If it doesn’t perform, what do we do with our members of staff that don’t perform?”, to which another sings “We get rid of them!”.

    Before you act, think about how you want to be perceived by your future customers. Make sure you are very clear on what it is you want to be known for, and reduce anything that may distract from getting your key messages across. Don’t fall into the trap of only seeking the views of those who are like you, and those who are scared of you, seek constructive criticism.

  3. Don’t over complicate your messages

    Most companies provide information, but those who are able to cut through provide wisdom and knowledge. Think of your messaging in terms of a pyramid – wisdom is built on knowledge is built on information.

    What is your company’s unique piece of wisdom that they can share with the world? That’s not to say that information doesn’t have a purpose, but make sure it is used in the right place.

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