You have some big goals you need to achieve, and you know it’s time to get serious about your marketing to help you achieve them.

Like any good challenge, to set yourself up for your best chance at success you need to put time into ensuring you understand, and are ready for, the journey ahead.

Sharper Sherpa can provide you with a map that will help you navigate the obstacles and opportunities unique to your business model, and what you are looking to achieve with marketing.

Your custom report will:

  1. Outline the route your business needs to take to go from its current state to customer acquisition, and;
  2. Uncover any quick wins you may have available immediately to increase revenue from your key customer profiles, and;
  3. Identify insights to help you focus your marketing and sales activities and resources, and;
  4. Uncover any potential pitfalls and wrong turns to help you avoid potentially costly wrong turns, and;
  5. Provide a marketing plan on a page, along with a timeline of activity and potential budget needed to achieve your outcomes.

A failure to plan is planning to fail. This can cost your business in terms of cash spent, resources misdirected and lost revenue.

Our Journey Map is priced at $450 + gst, but we offer it for just $199 nzd + gst to eligible businesses, for a limited time.

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