We’ve identified a gap between Ma and Pa businesses and their ability to access relevant, quality business and marketing advice and information.

We think we have the solution to the disconnect, but need help to test the market for its validity before investing in the tools and technology needed to make the business model successful for both sides.

So if you are a small business who needs a sounding board for their ideas, or who might  want to know the questions that they should be asking before committing to a new technology or tool, please read on.

For the beta test, we have created a blank, anonymous form below for you to share any business marketing problems, challenges or questions.

In return we will answer the question on our Facebook page, hopefully helping outline how you should approach your challenge and make better decisions for your business.

Note that the information provided is completely anonymous, but that the more information you can provide, the more useful the answer will be to you.

If you don’t want the answer shared on our Facebook page, please state it in your submission, and provide a way for us to get the answer to you.

The interest in this will help us understand if there is an appetite in the market for low cost, low commitment, easily accessible and impartial marketing and business advice.

We will keep you updated on our progress on our Facebook page.

Questions and Answers to Submissions:

“I’m a cabinet maker, and work on new retail shop fit outs and high-end boats, getting business through referrals and word of mouth. I’m busy and find myself having to manage the business side of things after hours and on the weekends, and have been doing this for the past 10 years. I’m getting to the point where I’m wanting to step back and manage the business more, so am thinking about hiring an apprentice, but to be able to do this I need to ensure I have new contracts coming in so I don’t end up out of pocket. I have no idea about marketing or where to start, and have been quoted $2500 for a website build, but I’m not sure if this is a good price or even the right thing to be doing right now. 
Any advice would be appreciated as I really have no idea.”

Answer: Watch the video here