Great marketing and communications is not magic.

It is grounded in a healthy dose of science and logic, with an innate splash of artistry and creativity.  Not the other way around.

Sharper Sherpa is built on the belief that the purpose of marketing and communications is to motivate a group of people to change their behaviour; to either start, stop, increase or decrease, doing something.

By clearly identifying the behavioural change wanted on a particular group of people,  we are able to craft a plan of attack to make this happen, which is purposeful, measurable and easily tested, changed, amplified or achieved.

We work with you to understand the size of the mountain you are trying to scale, then take into account the current state of your business, team, offering and tools to work out a plan to ensure you are fit to get to the top.

We begin every project with clarity on what we are working to achieve: “the purpose of w activity is to move x group of people to do y measurable action in z timeframe. This will contribute xx% towards our yy business goals and cost $zz.”

We are there to guide you every step of the way, take the first step now: