Base Camp

A ½ day or one day workshop designed to plot out your journey, aligning your sales and marketing activities and strategies with your business goals.

Driven by your needs and objectives, these workshops are perfect for newly established teams to ensure plans are collaborative and goal oriented, and for more established businesses to course correct and reflect on strategic goals and plans.

The Sherpas are experienced in discovering the way forward, uncovering opportunities and acknowledging challenges and obstacles. We approach the workshops with an open mind, looking to focus your team on your business goals, and plotting a way forward.

You’ll leave with an understanding of the journey ahead, awareness of the training and team you need, and the tools and technology need to support your climb.

Workshops include prep work by the Sherpas and documentation of the outcomes, and cost $600 for ½ day (three hour workshop) and $1000 for full day (seven hour workshop).