Business Writing

Knowing what your business does better than the competition and then being able to articulate this through a number of different mediums and channels, is harder than it sounds.

I can help you articulate your point of difference in a way that resonates with your target audience, and then apply this messaging across a variety of written forms, including:

Sales Collateral

Having a key piece of printed and digital material that clearly explains to your target audience in an engaging way, what it is that you need them to understand, is a key piece of any sales and marketing process.

New Zealand’s largest news website, engaged Sharper Sherpa to deliver a change campaign (read all about it here). The key piece of collateral for the campaign was a booklet that explained the high level and technical changes that were going to be happening, and what this meant to the reader. Working with a graphic designer I wrote and published this booklet.

Moxion needed new sales collateral, off the back of a rebrand which moved them from a technical sale to a business sale. Sharper Sherpa wrote this booklet and had it published in conjunction with a graphic designer.

Case Studies

I’ve interviewed clients and created case studies, for a number of businesses including:

Web Copy

I’ve worked on multiple website projects, from complete overhauls to repositionings. Below are a few of the examples which are still relevant today:


I’ve written many blog posts on behalf of businesses and business leaders. A few examples are below.

Edge Creative, a strategic events company, needed a series of blogs commissioned, to help engage with their business decision maker audience.

These needed to be focused around Edge’s key value proposition and help organisations understand why they should think of their large scale events as “transformative opportunities”.

Sharper Sherpa crafted three blogs for CEO Phil Thompson to share across various mediums.

Check out my own blog on this website for more examples.