Establish Origin IT in new, premium market

  • Activities included refining the company’s offering, rebranding their look and feel, rolling out the new brand across sales and marketing collateral, the website and the office, and then reiterating the message in the market to ensure resonance with the right customers.
  • Outsourced IT provider Origin IT wanted to stand out in a crowded market of small to medium IT providers, and move towards attracting premium customers off the bigger IT providers like Datacom, Dimension Data and Spark.
  • The existing way of presenting their “Onefee” (one monthly fee for all IT) offerings included 13 different product names for what was essentially one service with a few different options.
  • Their logo was outdated and collateral used red in a way that said “cheap” not “Ferrari”.
  • Bringing together a branding agency, internal stakeholders and customer advocates, the result was a new brand, messaging and positioning that helped Origin IT own a premium market segment, grow its customer base and average revenue per client, and move from employing 45 staff to 135 staff within the space of two years.

In mid 2019, Origin IT was bought by The Instillery, to create a complete end to end IT business.