Marketing Coaching

Half Time Orange are a customer experience consultancy operating on the cutting edge of CX theory and application.

Managing Director, Brenton Webber, approached Sharper Sherpa knowing that he needed marketing advice and expertise to help him move his business from a reliance on word of mouth to attract and engage new customers.

I’ve spoken to many “marketing experts” who have told me what I need to do to start marketing my business effectively. Stacey is the one who’s shown me how. She is logical, practical and knows what she’s doing.”

Choosing to execute marketing initiatives himself, Stacey and Brenton meet weekly for one-on-one sessions, where they set and establish key activities and areas of focus for Brenton for the week ahead, ensuring that marketing activities are in line with business goals, and achievable within his budgets and time constraints.

“I’m ambitious, I’ve got so many ideas and thoughts going on in my head, that I need structure. I need someone to tell me what to do, so I don’t have to waste the mental capacity of thinking about “Stuff”, and I can just get on and do it. After just three one hour weekly sessions with Stacey, I’ve been able to focus my time and energy into what works, and have had a few major sales wins as a result.”

Brenton Webber, Managing Director, Half Time Orange

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