Marketing Guidance

Amy Macdonald had five weeks to run a campaign to be elected as a Councillor on the Northland Regional Council in 2019’s local elections.

As a newcomer with no prior experience as a candidate, and as she was running in New Zealand’s most hotly contended constituency and needed to beat five other candidates, including the incumbent of six years, she knew she needed to be clear and effective on what she would bring to the electorate.

Needing an effective and engaging campaign to quickly raise her profile in the community and motivate potential voters, Amy engaged Sharper Sherpa to help her maximise her limited resources, and gain as much cut through as possible.

“Stacey completely reframed my approach to marketing myself, and really clarified why I stand out from the rest.”

By establishing Amy’s point of difference and plan of attack early, she was able to make many marketing decisions and execute most activities on her own, confident that what she was doing was connecting with the right people in the right way.

“It’s powerful once you have that clarity, it not only helps you market to others, but also gives you confidence about what you offer.”

When needed, she could rely on Stacey to be a sounding board for ideas, or to execute certain activities as needed.

Amy won the election comfortably, gaining roughly 25% more votes than the next candidate – the incumbent.

You can see the election results here: and read about her win on the New Zealand Herald here.

Her campaign activities included: